Who we are

Incubator of Italian creativity that looks to the future. My Vintage Academy starts up as an archive, as the result of a 30-year work and experience in our luxury fashion workshop. During these three decades, new trends were developed, this being the result of our cooperation with all the best known Brands of fashion market. Working closely with famous or emergent designers, made it possible to admire and learn the necessary skills to develop their creative inspirations. Barbara Ricchi, a well known entrepreneur of the fashion industry, with Giorgio Linea s.r.l., decided to make this great experience available to everybody at her showroom in Via Guido Rossa 16, in Impruneta, Florence. During these years, starting from a draft or a drawing, we’ve seen ideas come to life, from our worktables to the most important fashion shows throughout the world. This taught us that everything starts from an intuition, a recollection or the image of a moment. From this came the idea of MVA, from the need to create an instrument capable of putting together the genius of the Greatest designers, the ones from yesterday, today, and those of the future. An instrument to stimulate creativity, a heritage that can inspire new ideas and creations.
A space, an archive that can be also defined as a research instrument for the made in Italy, the guarantee of quality excellence throughout the world. MVA is a web platform that collects pictures of prototypes and samples of products and accessories, of their making and their details.
It’s a collection of studies and proposals for spring and fall collections of the last 30 years. Collections that made history and success of Italian creativity. This archive is a partial memory of Italian tradition, craftmanship, solutions, creations that represent our richness and our heritage. We believe they have to be valorised, collected and passed through, giving them back their worth. MVA wants to make available to all professionals, researchers and fashion designers, the rich Italian heritage of history and knowledge in creating luxury fashion items. We want to giva a chance to all creatives to inspire their art through our new reasearch instrument. The drafts of hundreds of products, created at Giorgio Linea, were photographed in all their details, digitalized and filed on our web platform, so to make them available worldwide. Each object contained in our archive and in our web gallery was filed with its technical informations, such as pictures and descriptions of the details that make it unique. The technical details and descriptions are organized in a series of research fields that constitute the structure of our platform. An intuitive and easy-to-use website, that can offer hundreds of results to your researches in just a few seconds.
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